Weekly Review 06

Flowers at Shinn Historical Park and Arboretum in Fremont, CA.
Flowers at Shinn Historical Park and Arboretum in Fremont, CA.

This week was about getting stuff done. I continued KonMaring (applying Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering) and finally finished going through all the papers (documents, notebooks, coursework from college, etc.) and got rid of about a third of all papers.

Also my last post was the 100th published post on this blog!

Weekly Review March 13-19, 2017


I took two cooking classes at SurLaTable. Both classes were in mornings and there were only four people in each class which left time for plenty of questions. I loved the classes! There are certain tips and tricks that can only be learned when watching a professional chef cook compared to just reading cookbooks or recipes, for example the use of a scraper to pick stuff up from a chopping board.

I took another improv class which was the third time total in my life. It is still not that comfortable and way outside my comfort zone, but I could see how it could get more fun over time.


Write every day: 7/7
Number of words written: 3021 total words or 432 per day
Blogposts published: 2
Number of days behind on personal email: none! I managed to keep inbox zero that I finally achieved last week!


I finished listening to the audiobook Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. I picked it up to continue my streak of listening to audiobooks authored and narrated by comedians. Aziz was next in line after I listened to Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Aziz was indeed is funny and the topic of Modern Romance was interesting too. I wish all research was presented in such a fun way.

Health & Fitness

Fitbit steps: 77,647
Be active 6 days a week: 5/6 – 1 bodyweight workout at home, 3 runs, 1 yoga class. I managed to go for three runs in one week which I feel very accomplished for because a year ago I started out with just one run a week for most of the year.
Meditate every day: 7/7, a 23-day streak.
No Facebook before noon: 6/7.
No added sugar 5 days a week: 2/5 – It’s so hard to get back on track to stop eating as much sugar after a week of eating quite a lot of sugar. So still only 2 days of no sugar, the same as previous week.

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