Weekly Review 08

A view of San Francisco Twin Peaks.My two month long sabbatical has come to an end and this is the review of the last week of the sabbatical (posted about a week late) and it will also be the final post in this Weekly Review series.

Weekly Review March 27th to April 2nd, 2017


I watched San Francisco Symphony rehearsal of Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 and Adagio from Symphony No.10. Symphony or classical music is not something I know or seek out a lot. I had a ticket and I had free time so I thought, why not. Listening in on the rehearsal was way more fascinating than I thought it would be. Before the start of the rehearsal somebody came up on the stage and gave a half an hour talk about Mahler and his symphonies. He even played few motives on the piano. Now when listening to the rehearsal I could use this extra information to watch out for these motives and it suddenly became much more interesting to listen to a symphony. I think this is similar to how after taking some cooking classes I started to enjoy cooking more. I think it generalizes further: in the very beginning stages of knowing something, knowing more about and how to do some activity will cause you to enjoy it more.

Otherwise, not quite sure if spending two and a half hours at DMV counts as an adventure, but I finally have my motorcycle driver’s license in hand!

Also a major milestone happened – I have finished my decluttering adventure with Marie Kondo’s method. I finished decluttering, organized and put stuff away and dealt with all the left-over items (sold, donated, mailed etc.)


Write every day: 7/7 – I have missed only one day in March.
Number of words written: 3437 total words or 491 per day.
Blogposts published: 3.
Number of days behind on personal email: inbox zero! – I am very happy I have been able to develop this habit during the sabbatical, will see whether I can keep up with it when I am back at work and have work email to deal with.


I finished reading another book on healthcare – America’s Bitter Pill: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals, and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System. Its a fascinating read, all my questions about Obamacare got answered.

Health & Fitness

Fitbit steps: 67’143.
Be active 6 days a week: 2/6 recorded activities: 1 walk + 1 run.
Meditate every day: 6/7.
No Facebook before noon: 6/7.
No added sugar 5 days a week: 2/5 – it is so hard to develop this habit! I will have to try a different strategy.

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