In July 2015 I started a new long-term project to become an expert in Computational Linguistics. I call it Personal PhD. All the details and backstory are described here.
The curriculum for the first quarter is as follows:
Computer Science track:
1. Do half of Andrew’s Ng Machine Learning course on Coursera (, watch videos and do homework. I opted for doing the course at half speed as 2-3 hours per week is a more realistic target of what I could devote to it than 5-7 hours per week as stated on the course website.
2. Watch all videos of Automatic Speech Recognition class at youtube link.
Linguistics track: 
3. Brush up on my German using similar method as I did for Spanish – study for 30 days German itself + learn more about the linguistics aspect of it.
4. Come up with a system for myself to keep track of papers I read and start reading papers.
5. Send updates on my progress via email every other week.


If you have any feedback or questions I would love to hear from you! Send me an email to dianajzk at [g]oogle’s e[mail] service.