Weekly Review 07

Heavenly ski resort with view of Nevada desert.
Heavenly ski resort with view of Nevada desert.

This week I made even more progress decluttering my space. The focus for this week was Komono or miscellaneous category per Marie Kondo’s book advice. I also attended Machine Intelligence Summit San Francisco by REWORK and finished the week off with a group ski trip to Tahoe.

Weekly Review March 20-26, 2017


I went to Machine Intelligence Summit San Francisco by REWORK. It was my first machine learning conference and it was great; lots of cool stuff happening.

The weekend was spent in Tahoe snowboarding. Saturday we spent at Heavenly after it got five inches of fresh snow, which was amazing with perfect weather. Sunday we spent at Kirkwood, weather was a little worse than Saturday but I do love riding the gullies in Kirkwood.

Decluttering is also a kind of an adventure. By going through every single thing and gathering things together by category teaches you something about yourself. For example I learned I really do like pens and paper notebooks. In addition I got rid of whole bunch of skin care products and makeup as it turns out they do expire. There are websites like http://www.checkfresh.com/ where one can check the manufacturing dates.


Write every day: 6/7 – missed one day while on the ski trip.
Number of words written: 2746 total words or 392 per day.
Blogposts published: 0.
Number of days behind on personal email: still inbox zero!


I finished reading another book on healthcare: How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman. Fascinating read, one should not shy away from asking questions to doctors.

I also finished reading Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. This is the second book from Marie Kondo. I read it along as I was tidying up. This book had more of the practical info compared to the first one. The most valuable thing – in which order to do things inside the Komono category.

Health & Fitness

Fitbit steps: 65’484.
Be active 6 days a week: 4/6 recorded activities: 1 bodyweight workout at home, 1 walk, 2 days snowboarding.
Meditate every day: 5/7 – again traveling kicks things out of habit.
No Facebook before noon: 7/7.
No added sugar 5 days a week: 2/5 – hard to kick this one! Especially when traveling again and eating conference food.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Review 07

  1. So amazing! I’ve read the first book a few times, in print and audible. I started the second but didn’t find much new. Should I try it again? Also, remember to send me your organizing spreadsheet! 🙂

  2. I did find the second book Spark Joy useful because of the more detailed breakdown of the categories. But if I had a spreadsheet if all the sub-categories, maybe it wouldn’t have been that as useful (and I will send you spreadsheet hopefully very soon! My spreadsheets are usually very messy so I need to clean it up a bit.)

    It was also useful for me because I have never decorated my living space and have never thought more about organizing my stuff. For other people who already have ideas and ways of how to organize their space it might be redundant. For example she recommends NOT storing anything on the countertops in the kitchen, which was a helpful opinion for me.

    I also read it as I was tidying, so it was kind of a progress marker.

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