Hey awesome!

My name is Diana and I am an explorer.

In 2013 I took three months off to massively push my comfort zone. I wanted to learn, to hang out with my family and friends in Europe, to dance and to travel around the world. That also was the birth time of this blog. I used to procrastinate, fear and hate writing. But I was determined to over come that as I do recognize that communication and writing skills are important to be successful in pretty much any field. So I started this blog to write about my adventures.

A bit of background. I grew up in a small Eastern European country Latvia. In 2007 I moved to United States to go to college (Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts). After three years I found my way to San Francisco where I started working as a Software Engineer. Three more years later (my life sort rolls in increments of 3 years) I was ready for change again – that time more of an internal one and I took a 3 month long sabbatical to travel around the world.

This blog is still a work in progress, so any feedback is very welcome! Either through comments or email me at dianajzk at the Google’s mail service.


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