100th blog post!

I just noticed that I have published more than 100 blog posts!
The very first blog post was published on March 14, 2013. Actually I used to be so scared of writing and publishing that that very first post was first posted on Google+ and shared with 4 friends. I started this blog for my first sabbatical and didn’t have any goals for it other than posting one blog post per week during the three month sabbatical so that I get somewhat more comfortable with writing. It was torture to write, but apparently it worked and here I am 100 blog posts later.

It is only fitting that the 100th blog post was published exactly four years later on March 14, 2017 (coincidence! I swear!) during my second sabbatical.

I started out super simple – on Bogger.com platform, and then in September 2015 I migrated the blog to a self hosted WordPress platform.

Here are stats of number of blog posts per year:
1st year – 35 posts – mostly writing about the first sabbatical.
2nd year – 35 posts – mostly about learning Spanish.
3rd year – 15 posts – mostly about Personal PhD project.
4th year – 15 posts – Personal PhD project + second sabbatical.

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