Announcing my next Spanish learning mission

Perhaps you saw in my previous post that I just finished a month of studying Spanish and accomplished small victories. In fact I loved learning Spanish so much that I’m now doing another month long mission.

It starts today July 17th and goes till August 17th.

Here are my goals for this mission:

* study every single day, aim for at least half an hour a day, but less is ok too

* keep Duolingo streak with at least one lesson a day

* at the end of it be able to have a half an hour long conversation

What I will do the same

I made lots of progress last month and I believe in large part it is because I studied or reviewed every day (I missed just one day while I was in the woods). So I will continue to do so.

In my previous mission the combo of Memrise and Duolingo apps and Coffee Break Spanish podcast worked well, so I will continue to do so.

What I will do differently

In this mission compared to the previous one I will focus more on Memrise and Coffee Break Spanish and will keep Duolingo just one lesson a day. This is because I saw that when I focused on Duolingo for a week I didn’t see much progress. I think this was because at this stage of my learning my limiting factor is vocabulary and Duolingo is not good for retaining vocabulary whereas Memrise is.

In the last mission I every week I progressively devoted less and less time. (It went from 1st week 9h:49m, 2nd week 7h:15m, 3rd week 5h:52m, 4th week 3h:34m) So this time I will aim for at least half an hour a day so that the average goes up. There were about 7 days in which I didn’t quite reached 30 minutes per day.

I will also try to prepare and write up more short stories about my life so that I have more stuff to talk about and thus have possibility to have longer conversations.

Let’s do this!

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