First impressions of Spanish Obsessed – Spanish From Scratch podcast (Day 27 of month 2)

I have tried Spanish from Scratch podcast before, but didn’t stick to it. Now I listened to episodes 8 to 10 and I got reminded again why I’m not likely to stick to it now too.


Too much grammar.

Episode 8 consisted of pretty much only grammar and it covered gerund. In contrast, Coffee Break Spanish got away without introducing gerund tense only after 70th episode. Episodes 9 and 10 were quite ok, hosts introduced new vocabulary by saying this word in English is this in Spanish and so on. However I like Coffee Break Spanish approach better where there is a conversation first and then hosts explain what happened in that conversation.

I definitely wouldn’t start with Spanish from Scratch podcast. Now after Coffee Break Spanish it would be more useful, but probably won’t be my main focus.

Here are the numbers – total of 80 minutes:
16 Duolingo
23 Memrise
41 Spanish from Scratch episodes 8-10

Till tomorrow!

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