Learning Spanish: Summary of Month 3

Ok, so the third month of my Spanish learning mission was completed a long long time ago (it lasted from October 17th to November 17th). Unfortunately posting about it has been delayed, but hey, as they say better later than never!

Overall, I managed to study every single day. It doesn’t matter that the shortest day was 4 minutes long (it was a vocabulary review session on Memrise). But it kept the momentum going. The longest day was 76 minutes in which I listened to 4 podcast episodes.

On average I spent 32 minutes a day studying Spanish. This is not a small feat considering that my schedule is super busy. (The total time was 999 minutes over 31 days). For comparison, in second month I spent 1h:13min per day, and in the first month 57 minutes per day on average)

This month I didn’t experiment with any new learning methods. I just did what worked best from the previous two missions. I studied using Memrise on most days (on average comes out to 17 minutes a day). In the beginning I did Duolingo, but then dropped it. I kept listening to podcasts. I completed the remaining 10 episodes of Show Time Spanish (Coffee Break Spanish Season 3) and first 20 episodes of Notes in Spanish Intermediate podcast.

I wanted to get a tutoring session once a week. But I ended up doing it only once right in the beginning of month three. I was surprised how well it went. I was able to chat in Spanish the whole time.

I think overall my Spanish learning mission was a success. I was ready to go to Costa Rica for vacation and test it out.

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