Kicking off the first sprint [Personal PhD update #5.1]

In my previous post I explained why I am changing the format of my Personal Phd from three month long quarters to six week long sprints.

Today I am starting the second year of the project with its first sprint. Starts today (November 7, 2016) and will last till December 25th, 2016. That is actually seven weeks instead of six weeks due to one week of vacation during Thanksgiving. In the previous year I discovered that I really like to disconnect during vacation and no studying gets done. So this year I want to account for that in the schedule.

The first week Nov 7- Nov 13 is a prep week where I will try out different resources and decide on curriculum.

Five weeks Nov 14-Dec 18 will be 4 weeks of studying and 1 week of vacation.

The final week Dec 19-25 will be a wrap-up week to finish loose ends and write up a summary post.

The main topic for this sprint is Statistics. I started learning Statistics in the third quarter with basics of descriptive statistics, now its time for the basics of inferential statistics.

I recently started listening to podcast The Talking Machines about Machine Learning. So far very interesting, so I plan to listen to all of the episodes from the very beginning for this sprint.


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