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I love reading my friend’s Tasra’s Weekly Review blog posts so I was inspired to start my own series. As a pilot I will do 8 weeks which covers my sabbatical.

At work I have been writing weekly “snippets” since June 2010 every single week. It is a bullet point list of things that got accomplished that week. Perhaps it may seem a chore to do it, but I have found it to be very useful. When times are especially rough, writing down things I have done at the end of the week makes me realize that, actually I have done something. Somehow writing it all in one place makes you see it more clearly. These weekly notes also become handy at end of the quarter to summarize what I accomplished and how much it deviated from the quarterly goals.

So let me try this for personal life while I am on sabbatical. Here we go with stats! (Here is another, more qualitative, post about last week.)

Weekly Review Feb 6-12th

This was week one of my sabbatical. On weekdays I spent it mostly at home and went to Tahoe for snowboarding on Saturday.


I am learning to write better and more. For now the goal is to write every day.

  • Write every day: 7/7
  • Number of words written: 3575 or 511 per day on average
  • Blog posts published: 1
  • Number of days behind on personal email: 27 days


I have really enjoyed having more time for reading. I ended up reading on average two hours per day and almost another hour of listening to an audio book.

Books finished:

Adventures / explorations

  • Checked out two alleys with murals that I hadn’t seen before: Balmy Alley Murals & The Clarion Alley Mural Project. Its crazy that after living in San Francisco for 6+ years I still keep discovering things I had never seen.
  • Took a walk along Ocean Beach and Lands End, discovered that it is all green in January after lots of rain. Saw wildflowers too! https://www.strava.com/activities/860013129
  • On another walk came across Palace of Fine Arts Theater. So pretty! I didn’t realize we had that in SF.
  • On Saturday went snowboarding at Sugarbowl with Matt.

Health & Fitness habits

  • Fitbit steps: 81,695
  • Be active / exercise every day: 7/7 – 6 days long walks (from half hour to two hours, on average 3 miles, the longest walk was 5.2 miles) and 1 day snowboarding.
  • Mediate every day: 6/7 – missed Saturday when I went snowboarding. Broke my 25 day streak 🙁
  • No Facebook before noon: 6/7 – failed on Saturday, kind of went into autopilot with our regular Tahoe trip.
  • No added sugar 5 days a week: 4/5 – failed after I discovered that Chicken Broth contains corn syrup. Really? It amazes me how many things you wouldn’t think need sugar, but has added sugar.

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