Learning Spanish #2 Day 8 – Focus for the next week

Last week’s progress have been good, but I still would like to kick it up a notch. Previously I have felt the most progress when I have learned a lot of new vocabulary. Duolingo is more effective for grammar than vocabulary. Coffee Break Spanish episodes are getting into more grammar than new vocabulary. That leaves me with Memrise. Its a great tool for learning vocabulary so for the upcoming week my focus will be to do more of Memrise. Last week’s average was 16 minutes per day of Memrise, so I will try to do more than that 🙂

Also, if I could get to it, it would be great to write up some things in Spanish. Especially stories that would be useful in potential conversations. Like, why I’m studying Spanish, how I’m studying Spanish, about my travels in Mexico. These are the questions I couldn’t expand on more than just the basics in my last attempt to speak Spanish at a meetup.

On Day 8 I managed to get in 50 minutes of studying Spanish. Here is the breakdown:
15 Duolingo
20 Coffee Break Spanish podcast 46
15 Memrise

Hasta pronto! – Till soon!

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