Learning Spanish #2 Day 9 – List of podcasts in Spanish

A fellow Spanish learner pointed me to the following video “How I became fluent in Spanish by dychui”. It is somebody’s account on how he became fluent in Spanish over the years. One of the things that I took away is the importance of listening the language – he listened to podcasts every day. That is encouraging for my strategy of using of Coffee Break Spanish – so I will stick to it.

Here are the podcasts that he mentioned (he mentioned other good resources as well):

I can’t wait to have good enough Spanish to listen to Spanish only podcasts. Perhaps I will start those after I finish the Coffee Break Spanish Series (now episode 48 out of 80).

On Day 9 (of month 2) I had quite a bit of commute time so I got in 97 minutes in total. Here is the breakdown:
21 Duolingo
38 Coffee Break Spanish podcast 47-48
38 Memrise

Till tomorrow!

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