First impressions of Desde El Baño podcast (Day 28 of month 2)

I’m trying out another podcast from the list I posted a while ago. This time the podcast is Desde el baño.

I listened to the first three episodes, and I have to say – it really is an advanced podcast. It is not a Spanish language learning podcast. It is a regular podcast in real Spanish by an Argentinian girl. She speaks very fast, though her diction is quite ok.

The first episode was about how to say hello. One interesting thing that she said was that you pretty much always reply with “todo bien” – everything is good. You don’t ever say sad news unless you are speaking with a really close friend. That’s very similar to American way of responding to “how are you?”. Whereas in Eastern Europe where I’m from you more or less tell how it is. Though it is also true that in Eastern Europe its not that common to actually ask “how are you?”, not the same way it is a social ritual and a greeting equivalent to “Hello” in United States.

So yes, apparently I did get a gist out of the first episode, especially after listening to it twice. However it did not go so well with the second and third episode. Second episode was about all the different meanings of the word “che”. I think the third one was about words used in other Spanish speaking countries that should not be used in Argentinian Spanish. I got totally lost while listening to the third episode.

At this point, this podcast is too hard for me. But I will come back to it after I’m done with the intermediate podcasts, so far sounds like Desde el baño covers interesting topics.

This day was a great day for studying, I did quite a bit of walking to get where I need to go, so managed to listen to quite a few podcast episodes. Total time was 130 minutes and here is the breakdown:

4 Duolingo
5 Memrise
61 ShowTime Spanish episodes 1-3
60 Desde el baño episodes 1-3

Till tomorrow!

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