First impressions of Cabreados podcast (Day 29 of month 2)

Today I tried out Cabreados podcast and listened to it’s first two episodes. The podcast starts with episode 0, which is not a surprise given that the host is an engineer. 🙂

This is an advanced podcast as well. He didn’t speak as fast as the host from Desde El Bano, but I still didn’t get most of it. Though I did understand the first minute of each of the zeroth and first episode. I gathered that he is an engineer. He explained what a podcast is, said something about unix and AdSense. He just kept talking and talking for a half an hour. Didn’t seem that there is any kind of structure, which makes it even harder to get the gist of it. Now I understand the importance of intro, body and a conclusion 🙂 In the second episode he was talking to another guy, who I think was another podcaster. There was a nice music track at the end of each episode.

Given that I’m an engineer, I think I would find this podcast interesting if I understood it. So I definitely plan on returning to it when my Spanish is better.

I got in 90 minutes of studying! Here is the breakdown:
11 Duolingo
11 Memrise
68 Cabreados podcast

Till tomorrow!

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