First impressions of Las Cosas Curiosas podcast (Day 30 of month 2)

Ok, this is the last podcast I’m trying out for now. Las cosas curiosas also turned out to be too advanced for me right now. I listened to just the first episode which is 1 hour long. The intro music was so, so. Also the sound quality sometimes lacked, but they probably improved it over time. Because I didn’t understand much, the music effects were sometimes distracting. Also if the Cabreamos podcast seemed a bit monotone, there was too much going on in this one. Lots of voices, I did not quite get the transitions, lots of ads for other podcasts. The second part of the podcast was the host asking random people on the street to tell something interesting.

This day was a good day for studying. Got in 96 minutes. Here is the breakdown:
5 watching video
7 Duolingo
15 Memrise
69 Las Cosas Curiosas podcast episode 1

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