So which Spanish podcast to listen to? (Day 31 of month 2)

This is a very belated post about my Day 31 of month 2 of studying Spanish (which was August 16th). I was on vacation in Europe and had no time to write, though I did continue studying Spanish, mostly listening to Podcasts.

From the podcasts I tried out recently, it is clear that I’m not ready yet for straight up advanced podcasts in Spanish by native Spanish speakers. They speak too fast and I can only pick up few sentences and thoughts.

So then we are left with intermediate Spanish learning podcasts.. Show Time Spanish is definitely my favorite. I will continue with that one. Then I will also do Notes in Spanish, including their beginners course as well, since it is not truly beginner the same way Coffee Break Spanish is. I will also do the Spanish Obsessed to add some variety. And since it doesn’t have many episodes in Spanish From Scratch and Beginners sections, I will finish those as well.

Very fittingly, on the last day of the second month of learning Spanish I got lucky and the Lyft (taxi) driver was from El Salvador and we had a 10 minute long conversation in Spanish. It seemed more natural than the one I had before at a language learner’s meetup. We chatted about dancing, living in San Francisco, her moving to south bay. Totally a conversation I would have had in English.

Hopefully the final day’s 152 minutes will bring up the average 🙂 Here is the breakdown:
10 speaking Spanish
28 Memrise
3 Duolingo
13 writing Spanish
98 ShowTime Spanish episodes 4-7

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