First impressions of Show Time Spanish podcast

Show Time Spanish podcast is the intermediate Spanish podcast following Coffee Break Spanish. Now ShowTime Spanish is rebranded as season 3 of Coffee Break Spanish.

I listened to the first 3 episodes and I love this podcast! There is new vocabulary, but at the same time I don’t feel lost. The format is different than Coffee Break Spanish, but it still makes sense. First a conversation between the hosts and then they summarize it in slower Spanish and explain any new vocabulary. In the middle there is few more fun new phrases and a tongue twister. Then another conversation or grammar topic in the second act.

Some of the phrases I learned:

“Estoy estupendamente, no podria estar mejor.” – I’m doing great! Can’t get any better!

“Eres un plasta!” – You are such a pain!

“Estoy molido.” / “Estoy hecho polvo.” – I’m shattered.

One of the tongue twisters they introduced:

Pablito clavó clavito,
un clavito clavó Pablito.
Qué clavito clavó Pablito?

Till tomorrow!

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