25 day streak on Duolingo [Personal PhD Update #3.2]

I am having a hard time to dedicate a regular time for studying. Last year somehow my schedule was more consistent and regular. Now it is less so. Seems now my schedule is more project based and focusing on one thing at a time (which could be traveling, or dancing, exercising, or doing big spring cleaning). That’s ok though 🙂 I can do the same with studying for my Personal PhD and do batches of studying every two weeks. Will see how this system works for me.

Writing these updates, that’s a whole another story. Have had a draft of this one for about a week, but got to actually finish it just now.

Now onto the update.

So for this quarter so far I have done 3.5 lessons (out of 7) from Udacity’s Intro to Statistics course.  It is quite basic and at sometimes can feel too slow paced, but I think it will instill really solid basics.

I finished reading The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail — But Some Don’t  by Nate Silver. It was fascinating read and went into history of IBM Deep Blue winning in chess, history of weather forecasting, history of earthquake forecasting and poker. Also had a very good explanation of applied Bayesian statistics to making and adjusting predictions.

I have restarted studying Spanish. I am using Memrise, Duolingo (and now I am on 25 day streak!) and Coffee Break Spanish Season 4 podcast. All this for my upcoming trip to Patagonia at end of March! Woohoo!


For paper reading: I have read chapters 10-12 of Deep Learning book and few other papers.

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