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Inspired by Tasra I decided to do Weekly Reviews while on my two month long sabbatical. I posted the first review a while ago and now I am three weeks behind; but I suppose itโ€™s still better to do it later than never. So here we go! I will blame it on the 11 day roadtrip that we took. Traveling takes me out of any kind of schedule or routine.

Weekly Review Feb 13-19th, 2017

This week started with me being at home in San Francisco and then on Thursday we took off for an eleven day roadtrip through Arizona, New Mexico and California.


Write every day: 7/7 – the shortest day was only 3 words, but I don’t care. This is about getting into habit of daily writing and not losing a streak.
Number of words written: 2253 or 322 words per day on average.
Blogposts published: 3
Number of days behind on personal email: 30 days behind ๐Ÿ™

Reading / Listening

This week I ended up reading on average an hour per day and another half an hour per day of listening to audio books. I love having so much time to read!

I finished listening to the audiobook Yes, Please by Amy Poehler. So funny! I totally recommend the audiobook version of this book as she is a comedian and recorded the audiobook herself.

I also read three short ebooks about RVing for beginners as for our roadtrip we rented an RV and it was the first time I had ever traveled with a travel trailer so there were a lot of unknowns!

Adventures / Explorations

I took an improv class! It was a drop-in class at Leela improv theater. This was a big undertaking for me as I really don’t like any kind of public speaking, but I am glad I stepped outside my comfort zone and joined in. Sabbatical was the perfect time to do it as normally I might not have had enough energy to try something outside of my comfort zone just for the curiosity. I did see how improv could be quite fun after not believing all my friends who have done improv saying so. It felt like an useful life skill in general (as I am definitely NOT one of those people who can bullshit through a presentation with no preparation) and if I keep at it, maaayyybbbe I will become a tad bit funnier. If not by any skills, I hope there is some kind of magic osmosis that happens in those classes! No? You don’t think so? Well, I can still foolishly hope!

I took a stroll through Tulip show at Pier 39 in San Francisco! Apparently the Tulipmania happens every year in the spring, but this is the first year I learned about it.

Third adventure was setting off for a 11 day roadtrip which I am sure will tell all about at some point. ๐Ÿ™‚

Health & Fitness

Fitbit steps: 69,494.
Be active / exercise six days a week: 6/6 – his consisted of walks on five days ranging from 1.1 miles to 3.5 miles and a short 1.2 mile hike at Joshua Tree National Park on one day.
Meditate every day: 6/7 – broke my 7 day streak. ๐Ÿ™
No Facebook before noon: 6/7 days – I failed on a traveling day. When my routine is different I fall into old habits.
No added sugar 5 days a week: 6/5 – Win! I managed 6 days without added sugar!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Review 02

  1. Diana! You are amazing. I’m totally behind on my weekly reviews too. I blame it on our kickstarter launch. There’s always a reason right?!? But you, your step count and your word count are fantastic. Blog posts are up and you did some new things like improv and tulip festival and RVing. So incredible! Thanks for sharing and inspiring so many!

    1. Thank you Tasra for the kind comment! I am glad there is at least one person enjoying these reviews!

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